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Severe Allergy & Anaphylaxis

Posted over 1 year ago by MYPA Admin

Anaphylaxis affects up to 2% of the United States population,1 with an estimated lifetime prevalence in Western countries of 0.05% to 2.0%.2 A recent Monte Carlo simulation of the societal burden of anaphylaxis in the United States estimated the at-risk population to be 14.4 million (3.7 million to 48.7 million) people.3

The incidence of anaphylaxis is rising in developed countries, particularly in young children.4 The precise incidence and prevalence vary considerably due to differing definitions of anaphylaxis as well as underdiagnosis, underreporting and other factors.1 Given this, nurse practitioners and physician assistants must be vigilant in identifying both adult and pediatric patients at risk for anaphylaxis and work to educate them about responding to anaphylactic emergency... Continue Reading