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Posted about 1 year ago by Monique Ochoa

Ask the Allergist: Addressing Mold After Major Flooding
Mold growth is a serious problem when homes are flooded following major storms. What should people with mold allergy do? What treatments can help? We asked allergist Michael Blaiss, MD.
Keeping Pollen In Check
In spring, pollen grains from trees, grasses and weeds float through the air -- and sometimes end up in our noses, eyes and mouths. The result: allergies. Read more
Allergic to Eggs? No Problem
Easter and Passover traditions often include eggs, either as part of a fun holiday activity or a recipe. If you're allergic to eggs, here are some 'eggs'-cellent alternatives. Read more
Asthma Discharge Strategies
A new study reveals children hospitalized for asthma have a 20% chance of returning to the hospital within a year to treat another asthma flare. Read more
Paid placement
Introducing the Nima Peanut Sensor
"After talking to other food allergy parents, I found Nima. Nima is the first portable sensor that can detect peanut in food. It's simple enough for [my son] Max to use." Read more
Is It Food Allergy or EoE?
You may have read new research recently about eosinophilic esophagitis, or EoE. Here's what you need to know about this chronic allergic condition. Read more
Asthma at Work? Talk It Out
How has asthma impacted your job? Discuss it with healthcare pros and fellow patients -- and find solutions -- in our online forum, via HealthUnlocked. Read more
Federal Funding? Breathe Easy
The government will fund programs that address indoor and outdoor environmental asthma and allergy triggers and continued research. Read more | #AADCH2018 is May 9: Join us | 2018 Policy Priorities
Preschoolers and Asthma
A recent study of children with asthma ages 2-5 revealed that early life weight gain can worsen asthma severity. It did not impact medication effectiveness, however. Read more
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